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King Cole's: Luxury Eyewear Business Latest Updates and Products (1/5/21)


Luxury Eyewear Business Latest Updates and Products

Luxury eyewear has approached remarkability ever since COVID-19 came into being. The wearers have made this a luxury wear with the impact it has left on the vision.

Through better vision and protection against scorching heat, the eyewear business has hit a 6% increase in 2 years. The functionalists predict it will rise more in the upcoming years. This amenity is because almost 1 billion people are affected with vision impairment.

Luxury Eyewear Business Latest Updates

There is news of eyewear brands getting an increased demand based on the product clamor. Following are the latest updates regarding the luxury eyewear business,

·       Oakley appoints Rohit Sharma as the new brand ambassador

It has been in the latest update that Rohit Sharma was appointed the star wearer of OAKLEY. Moreover, the star claimed that while playing cricket, he found this eyewear most suitable. The glasses are comfortable for long-wear and soft for the ears too.

He also pushed that Oakley should get more brand awareness because it’s a gem for players, on and off the pitch. Along with Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli, he is the biggest fan of this efficient wear.

·       Titan Eyeplus beats scorching summer

The Titan head-marketing Shalini Gupta claimed that the sales in their eyewear had decreased significantly. She professed that the people are not well-established in the idea of wearing sunglasses. Most of them are reluctant and lose confidence after wearing glasses.

She said the scorching heat rises every year in India, and their main aim is to protect the eye from such heat. People who are hesitant towards wearing it needs a platform to check out what suits their face-cuts. Moreover, Titan eyeplus will be allowing first-time wearers a chance for free trials.

·       Solution for Rapid digitalization impacting eye health

Since the 21st decade is the digitalization world, it is said that over 1 billion people have become a target of vision impairment. In 2018, almost 38% of the young generation faced visionary problems due to excessive use of digital media.

Many luxury eyewear businesses have introduced blue-light glasses. The light from the screen cannot go past the glass and into the eye. This amenity saves from many severe eye problems like

  • Ø cataract
  • Ø  unaddressed glaucoma
  • Ø  diabetic retinopathy
  • Ø  trachoma
  • Ø  refractive error
  • Ø  cataract
  • Ø  corneal opacities

·       Risk of counterfeit luxury eyewear

The demand for luxury eyewear rises by 25% due to COVID-19. Since the online business has prospered this year, the e-commerce markets are also getting heed. Many are selling products in the name of luxury eyewear with false authenticity.

By doing so, many brands have instated terms for proving themselves and protecting against counterfeit eyewear.

Luxury Eyewear Business Products

The luxury eyewear products are as mentioned below,

·       Eyeglasses

Due to the rapid increase in digitalization, many are facing visionary problems. This has caused an immense rise in the eyeglasses demand. From fashion to elegant, you can buy any type for treating the problem and withstand the trendy looks.

·       Sunglasses

For fighting off scorching heat, the businesses are working on improving the experience for the wearer. From cricketers to bike riders and swimmers, almost everyone intends to wear sunglasses for a better encounter.

A Final Verdict

The luxury eyewear businesses have approached a great name in the market by improving their sales. Since some customers shy away from wearing these, it has also become a challenge to outdo anything similar.

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King Cole's: Luxury Eyewear Business Latest Updates and Products (1/5/21)

  Luxury Eyewear Business Latest Updates and Products Luxury eyewear has approached remarkability ever since COVID-19 came into being....